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The Überman: readjusting

Last night was the first time that I had a major upset with my new sleeping pattern. My cell phone acts as my alarm clock. I have an HTC EVO which sucks battery life like no one’s business! Since I’m not a fan of carrying around a charger, I ended up getting a spare battery … Continue reading

The Überman (Day 2)

The common phrase that I hear from people when I explain what I am doing is, “You’re crazy!” While many people tell me I am crazy, there are a lot of people who think the idea of The Uberman is really cool. Who wouldn’t want an additional 6 hours a day to get things done? … Continue reading

The Überman (Day 1)

Holy tired Batman! I thought pulling an all nighter was a bit much, but this is a whole new experience. I’m now twelve hours into The Uberman and feel like I have been hit with a Mach truck. My eyes are heavy, body sluggish, brain dead. They say that it is the first 2-3 weeks … Continue reading


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