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Give and Receive

What must be done to reach our goals? What is the biggest factor in obtaining what we desire?

Our life is a result of our thoughts. What do we think about? What do we dream about? Where do our thoughts turn in moments of “down time”? Are we uplifted and joyous, or are we down trodden and depressed? Do we reflect on our situation with gratitude and a humble heart? Or are we quick to wish for something else and ask, “Why me?”

Success is a formula. I truly believe that everyone can be successful in obtaining their desired blessings. This formula can be condensed down to two words: give and receive.
How frequently do we give thanks to those around us and to our God? What are we willing to give in order to reach our goals? Are we willing to give more of our time? Are we willing to give money to a better cause; to invest in ourselves and others? When will we give away our problems, troubles, fears and doubts to our Higher Power and trust Him? Do we give ourselves time to meditate, to ponder, to connect with the Divine?

With giving there also comes a point where we must receive. There are far too many people in the world who are unwilling to receive the blessings that are coming their way. A prime example is when we are given a compliment.
James: “Wow Sarah! You look great! You are absolutely gorgeous!”
Sarah: “Oh stop it! I do not.”
In order for us to reach our goals we must be willing to receive all the good things that come our way. When was the last time that we were quick to receive help from someone who offered? When someone offered to pay for our meal, did we graciously receive the offer, or did we argue with them about whether or not they should pay? When was the last time we took time out of the day to receive inspiration and God’s blessings? Do we feel that we are worthy to receive His blessings, grace and forgiveness? Are we open to receive advice from those who have walked the path or have the tools to help us? Do we allow ourselves to receive money from various and numerous sources?

As we make our lives a continuous cycle of giving and receiving, we will be more able to accomplish our goals and dreams. Give thanks, give time, give thought, give faith — receive praise, receive rewards, receive inspiration, receive blessings.

“It’s so incredibly simple! You’ve got to have gratitude for your present conditions, no matter what they are, because it is the lessons of the present that prepare you for the blessings of the future. Have grateful thoughts for your current situation. Also, you’ve got to have thoughts of how you’ll feel when you reach your goal.” He added, “Thoughts of trust are vital, too; trust that a higher power is guiding you to find and catch your rabbit. And, most importantly, you must have thoughts of belief that there is a way, no matter what kind of obstacles may appear. These thoughts are all invisible but powerful little packages that go out and do for you many things that you can’t do for yourself. […] Be genuinely grateful the way things are, and then be truly grateful for how things will be. You see, to be grateful for something before it has been accomplished, is faith. And faith can move mountains.”
The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can; Leslie Householder

Anyone who hasn’t read this book is missing out on one of the most informative and inspirational books out there. It is not only educational, and instructive, but it is a great story!


About Jaxon

I am a spiritual being here to have mortal experiences. I believe in love. Not the love that can be fit in three words: I love you, but in the love that radiates from a couple who cherish one another more than life itself. I believe in love as it has been intended to be: eternal. I believe in progress. Learning from life, love, books, people and inspiration should be a daily experience. There is something incredible about a person who strives to be their best self. I believe in pursuing dreams. Mortality only happens once and is too short to simply sit back and allow it to pass you by. Goals, dreams and those who join in the pursuit of those dreams are what live worth while. I believe in being happy! True happiness is not found. It is a choice. The moment life is seen as being beautiful and is deeply appreciated, the easier it is to choose to be happy. I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is my Savior, my King and my Friend. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and living His truth is key to my happiness and existence.


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