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$1,000 Day

Today I am starting a mental exercise that I learned from Kirk Duncan.
What if you were given a certain amount of money each day for 30 days?
What if, in order to receive that money, you had to make sure you spent every penny given to you in that day?
What if the first day you were given $1,000 and each day after that the amount increased by 150%?
Could you do it? Could you spend that amount each day?
What would you spend it on?

Now, like I said, this is a mental exercise that helps you see how you view money and to change the way you think about spending money. Too many of us have, as Kirk calls it, “grocery thinking” when it comes to money. We get money and the firs thing that comes to mind is how we will have enough for bills and groceries. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend my whole life simply having enough for bills and groceries.

What needs to be done in order to change this? Note that it is a mode of thinking that people are suffering from. Thoughts lead to emotions, emotions lead to actions, actions lead to results. If we want to change our results, we have to change our actions. In order to change our actions we need to change our emotions. For our emotions to change we have to have a new way of thinking.

The $1,000 Day Exercise would look something like this:
Day 1 — $1,000
$41 will be spent on gas.
$530 will be spent towards my car.
$415 will be spent on insurance premium.
$50 is going to groceries
$64 will be spent on dinner at Happy Sumo

Tomorrow I will do the same exercise, only this time I have to spend $1,500 in a day. Just to give you an idea of how this will change the way you think about money; on day 30 you will need to plan how you would spend $127,834,040 in one day. Can you do it?

I would suggest that everyone who reads this do the exercise for 30 days straight to help get you out of “grocery thinking”. You do want to get out of “grocery thinking”, don’t you?


About Jaxon

I am a spiritual being here to have mortal experiences. I believe in love. Not the love that can be fit in three words: I love you, but in the love that radiates from a couple who cherish one another more than life itself. I believe in love as it has been intended to be: eternal. I believe in progress. Learning from life, love, books, people and inspiration should be a daily experience. There is something incredible about a person who strives to be their best self. I believe in pursuing dreams. Mortality only happens once and is too short to simply sit back and allow it to pass you by. Goals, dreams and those who join in the pursuit of those dreams are what live worth while. I believe in being happy! True happiness is not found. It is a choice. The moment life is seen as being beautiful and is deeply appreciated, the easier it is to choose to be happy. I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is my Savior, my King and my Friend. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and living His truth is key to my happiness and existence.


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