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Make It Worth It

“Because that’s what people do… they leap and hope to God they can fly! Because otherwise, we just drop like a rock… wondering the whole way down… ‘why in the hell did I jump?’ But here I am […] falling. And there’s only one person that makes me feel like I can fly… That’s you.” … Continue reading

Black Journal

529 — that is the number of negative thoughts that I have written down in my “Black Journal”. Why on earth would I do this? Why would I keep a journal of every negative thought that comes my way? What is the point if making an effort to capture these thoughts? I thought you were … Continue reading

Give and Receive

What must be done to reach our goals? What is the biggest factor in obtaining what we desire? Our life is a result of our thoughts. What do we think about? What do we dream about? Where do our thoughts turn in moments of “down time”? Are we uplifted and joyous, or are we down … Continue reading


“I will go down with this ship And I won’t put my hands up and surrender There will be no white flag above my door I’m in love and always will be.” White Flag; Dido “If Love is Surrender, Then Whose War is it Anyway?” -Pyschobabble; Frou Frou I am completely convinced that once you … Continue reading


“New evidence to the mind must be repeated several times. There must be a reason to create a new file to hold the information. In the mean time, it most likely will be rejected as some random less important piece of gibberish. Success is created by convincing our mind how great we are!” -Kirk Duncan … Continue reading

Eagerly Awaiting

What is it about human nature to look forward with an eye of anticipation? Where does the desire to hope for an event to come to pass, despite the fact there is no promise tomorrow will come? We set goals, make plans, have dreams and seem to live in the constant thought of, “There is … Continue reading

$1,000 Day

Today I am starting a mental exercise that I learned from Kirk Duncan. What if you were given a certain amount of money each day for 30 days? What if, in order to receive that money, you had to make sure you spent every penny given to you in that day? What if the first … Continue reading


rules Continue reading


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