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I read this blog post from author Carol Tuttle and I had to post what she said because it is such a profound message.

Your Guide to True Love in 2012

“Whether we’re married or single… we all want love.

The desire to give and receive genuine love is just designed into our human nature. It’s part of our purpose on this planet.

So how can you create and enjoy the kind of love you’re looking for this year?

Put these tips into practice (don’t just read them once and forget them). You will be amazed at the opportunities to give and receive love flowing into your life!

1. Love yourself first—and stop apologizing!

If you don’t receive love, you don’t have love to give. And one of the most important people you need to receive love from is yourself.

So next time you notice you’re about to put yourself down or apologize for yourself to others, just stop. Think of (and share!) a compliment about the person you are with. If you’re by yourself, give yourself a genuine compliment.

You will find that the focus of your conversations and thoughts stays much more positive when you express love instead of doubt or worry.

2. Write a new script.

We condition people around us to play certain roles in our lives. If you want to invite more joy into a relationship, change the current script. You can do this in a very real way.

Create a script for your loved one (or the true love you have not yet met). If you need some script ideas, click here. Write in detail what you believe your ideal companion would be like. Then live by that script yourself!

3. Make decisions about what you say

We have an opportunity to think any thought and speak any word we choose. Whatever we focus on expands. Make the choice to say only positive things about the people you love, even when they’re not around—especially when they’re not around.

4. Pray for the opportunity to share unconditional love… and watch miracles show up.

Consider the word unconditional. It means unlimited, unrestricted, absolute, complete, with no conditions attached. These are the characteristics of God. Experiencing unconditional love (both by giving and receiving) is miraculous.

If you want to share unconditional love, have the courage to ask for it in prayer. Miracles will show up in ways you least expect. In fact, you may act as someone else’s miracle. When we are in an energy of unconditional love, we are in a powerful position to bless and grace the lives of others.

May this year be filled with opportunities to give and receive genuine love.

God Bless You,
Carol Tuttle

PS. For more support in inviting love into your life, read my book, Remembering Wholeness.”


About Jaxon

I am a spiritual being here to have mortal experiences. I believe in love. Not the love that can be fit in three words: I love you, but in the love that radiates from a couple who cherish one another more than life itself. I believe in love as it has been intended to be: eternal. I believe in progress. Learning from life, love, books, people and inspiration should be a daily experience. There is something incredible about a person who strives to be their best self. I believe in pursuing dreams. Mortality only happens once and is too short to simply sit back and allow it to pass you by. Goals, dreams and those who join in the pursuit of those dreams are what live worth while. I believe in being happy! True happiness is not found. It is a choice. The moment life is seen as being beautiful and is deeply appreciated, the easier it is to choose to be happy. I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is my Savior, my King and my Friend. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and living His truth is key to my happiness and existence.


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