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Originally posted on Life and Laughter:
I spend a LOT of time writing. Whether it’s my Life and Laughter column, an article for a magazine or newspaper, a press release or this witty blog, I’m ALWAYS trying to come up with interesting topics, fun words, brilliant sentences, blah, blah, blah. But there are SOME days (I call…

Reality Check

Has anyone ever gone through a phase where they simply cannot seem to get things right? You think your job, relationships, self improvement etc is going well and then you get a reality check; life kicks in and you feel like someone is playing a cruel trick. What do you do? How are you suppose … Continue reading

So Let ‘Em Stare

Twelve more floors your eyes and mine are all I need to come clean Or should I wait for the lobby, spare the lives Of some 26 nervous eyes Being occupied by little red numbers passing by If I wait one minute longer, I think I will die Die, die. So let em’ stare Incubus, … Continue reading

The Band Aid

I learned a principle today that I like to call ‘The Band Aid’. The idea behind this principle is that there are moments that are going to cause a small amount of pain, so we avoid them. We avoid topics of conversation, asking certain questions, acknowledging facts we already know to be true, because we … Continue reading


I read this blog post from author Carol Tuttle and I had to post what she said because it is such a profound message. Your Guide to True Love in 2012 “Whether we’re married or single… we all want love. The desire to give and receive genuine love is just designed into our human nature. … Continue reading

Suit Up

I realized today that I am bizarre. I would rather be in a suit and tie than in sweats and a t-shirt. Rather than changing out of my work clothes when I get home, I choose to remain in them and do my post work activities in them. Why? I have recently been watching the … Continue reading

Imperfectly Happy


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